State and Municipal Assets management

Management of government assets using ERPGIS technology

The establishment of a system for the management of assets related to the government in each authority is mandatory in considering the proper management of the local authority both in the public aspect and in the economic aspect.

The purpose of the legislator to oblige the local authorities to establish and manage an asset management system in each authority is to provide the administration and authorities with tools to manage control and control of their assets (Dala Naidi).

Moreover, this is an issue that is usually overseen by the State Comptroller in every audit he conducts in local authorities.

It turns out that the lack of control over the assets is manifested in the fact that over time the authorities lose information about the assets, and do not know all their assets and/or do not know clearly what their rights are in those assets, and/or the physical condition of the assets and/or do not know of their existence, and of course the potential The economic lies in the assets.

It should be emphasized that the legislator requires not only the registration of the assets but also their management.

Our company has professional personnel in the field of real estate, law, and computing capable of providing the optimal solution in establishing a system for managing public assets in integration with other relevant fields such as engineering, finance, etc.


Recommendations for the optimal use of public assets

In addition to what is required by law, and in order for the asset management system to be effective for the Authority, our company makes appraisal, legal, economic recommendations that create economic potential and a source of income for the Authority.

In accordance with the recommendations, for example, public assets can be converted to urban economic uses such as: the town hall, markets (mall), parking lots, country club, etc. which will be managed on an economic basis and create a source of income for the local authority.

Orhitec ERPGIS system for managing public assets allows the authority to control its assets, define the authority’s assets and areas, enable the management, planning and construction of public areas and buildings in accordance with the population’s demands for its nuances, provide control over expenses such as insurance, maintenance, etc., ensure property The authority will allow supervision and monitoring of intruders and more.



The system was developed on the global AUTODESK MAPGUIDE GIS technology and a MICROSOFT database.

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